Sep 21, 2018

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Ham Radio

I'm a General class ham, recently licensed. I'm learning a LOT and have a long way to go before I'd consider myself comfortable - but I've found a local community of very friendly and helpful people who are assisting with the learning of things that aren't covered in the books - how to operate.

I'm focusing right now on learning about HF and HF-etiquette, as well as implementing a decent mobile platform for my jeep (2m/70cm/155mHz). I'm thinking I'll try and get APRS running in there while I'm at it.

I've recently strung a 80M/40M trapped dipole in my yard. It's not the best fit and is likely a front-runner in the NVIS of the year category. I'm planning to burn away all of the winter clouds around here! I will say the difference listening with this antenna over my earlier antennas is huge.

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