Sep 21, 2018

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About "Willys Points"

Goodness knows I had nothing to do with inventing the term - but I was looking for a domain name for this project and it was available. Carpe Diem.

I'm thrilled to note that the esteemed Dr. Vern has his website back online again - he's got a very thorough description of Willys Points available there.

About me

I'm a technology worker based in Seattle, Washington - in an area of town called Freemont.

This system is running on a Gentoo Linux server with Apache and PmWiki (with the "NewsPaper" skin applied).

As a certified (or perhaps certifiable?) geek, I felt it necessary to load a native IPv6 stack and AAAA record for this server. Total overkill, but I can't help myself sometimes. 2001:5d8:10::10 for those other eight people out there who are running IPv6.

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