Oct 17, 2018

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1955 Wagon - What I'm working on now!

Current Projects

Carburetor. The wagon runs *great* when the choke is set right, but the new carburetor linkage is totally different than the old. I decided to fabricate new linkage for a manual choke - but I don't like the cruddy brackets that come with most manual choke kits, so I've been fabricating new ones that use a bell crank and work their magic around the vacuum pull-off. Looks much nicer - I just need a good dry day with some spare time to tack weld the little bits together now and it should paint-up and bolt on nicely.

Floors. There were basically none in the driver and passenger footwell. The bottom of the tailgate is gone (not attached) and there's bad rust all over. I've just replaced the drivers side floor and may need to wait for next year (we're into the rainy season here) to do the passenger side.

Signal lamps. Hard to drive it around here (dark and rainy all the time) without signal lamps. I built a wiring harness and refurbished some tail lamps by combining parts from both wagons. Cut new gaskets using a neat foamy paper stuff my kids use for craft projects. Seems water-tight and is highly compressible, making for a good seal. Wired them into the column and added a switch for the headlights. Bingo - it's driving ready again!

Tailgate. The entire bottom is missing, as is the part where the hinge mounts to the body. I've been planning to rebuild it as stock, but I've just decided to skip the piano hinge all together. I think it's the cause of the rust that's so prevalent here and I've designed a pivot-pin connection that should work much better and allow for easy removal of the entire tailgate (to make loading with my bed crane easier). It'll also be easier to fab than the stock configuration - and cheaper. Win win win!

Recently Completed

New drivers side floor pan all welded in.

Working signals, headlights and brake lights.

Insurance and registration papers in the car!

New carburetor and fuel plumbing. New exhaust. New wiring harness (home made with just the ignition circuit). New exhaust manifolds and gaskets. New coil, plugs, plug-wires, cap, rotor, condenser.

It actually runs now! Really well - provided I manually toggle the choke (see the manual choke linkage project above).

Drove around the neighborhood!

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