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Wagon55: 1955 Wagon

1955 Wagon

This was originally an L6-226 SuperHurricane power plant, with a rear D44. At some point previously, someone swapped in a Chevy 283 (from a '65 Chevelle, it would seem), power steering and a lot of rust (to hide the dents).

It's got a Koenig PTO winch and PTO box along with the original (or at least period correct) T-90 transmission and Spicer 18 transfer case.

What am I working on now? Have a look!

The good

It was cheap. $750 delivered to my door (which was a big deal, since it previously lived on a nearby island and would have to be driven across the ferry, which is monitored by the state patrol - and let's just say it's not anywhere near street legal).

It was cool. Maybe it's just me, but there's something cool about a rusty, dented, bile colored trail jeep.

My wife told me to buy it. No - seriously. She did. I don't have it on tape, or anything, but she admits she told me to do it. That pretty much means I had to do it.

The Bad

Apparently, the drive here was the last gasp. The moment the keys touched my hand, the battery dies, the coil went into a dead short, the plug wires on two cylinders stopped conducting, etc. Frankly, it's amazing it got here at all.

On further examination, the oil and coolant were clean and uncontaminated, but that's about the only thing I could feel good about.

The Wiring

It would also seem that the waring was installed by a crack team - by which I mean a team of monkeys who were smoking crack.

Under the dash, it looked like a can of rainbow silly-string had exploded. Not only were the wires packed in there with no orde,r but they (and the switches, relays, etc. they connected) were all melting together. I cut chunks out in blocks and finally pulled out every bit of wire in the truck. Easier to start from scratch.

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The Floors

The floor mat had been glued to felt, which had been taped to the floor with carpet tape. It was smelly and moldy - it went in the trash. I found a mixture of scrap metal, street signs and other random parts riveted to what was left of the floor. That all went out to the trash as well.

The remainder would have made the Flintstones proud. You could literally drop basketballs straight thru the floor onto the ground below.

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