Oct 17, 2018

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1955 Wagon Wiring

The problem

I've always read about bad or scary wiring in old jeeps that many hands have modified - but I had no idea how bad it could get...

The wires were so badly hacked into the vehicle (with little or no concern for wire size, fuses, relays, etc.) that the wires were melting to anything they touched. They were fused (not in the good way) to other wires, the firewall, the steering column, the gauges and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

The entire chassis was electrically hot and it's probably a blessing that the battery only had a handful of electrons left inside. Anything more and I'd have been electrocuted.

The fix

A pair of flush-cut snips, some large-gauge wire cutters and a trashcan.

It takes a surprising amount of time to yard out 50 years of wire.

After that was done, I made a new wiring harness for just the ignition. Nothing else. Who needs lights or turn signals when your goal is to get back to the point where it will idle in the driveway.

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