Oct 17, 2018

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1959 Wagon - What I'm working on now!

Current Project

I've finally found two of the remaining 4 missing parts needed for my 1955 wagon - an oil-bath air-cleaner and a generator.

These were found on Cragislist and the $10 for USPS bulk freight was WAY cheaper than gas.

On top of that, I also just found a radiator - and it seems to be in really nice shape (though I've not pressure tested it yet).

After Painting

I'm in the process of rebuilding a Spicer 18 transfer case, which will be followed by a T-90 transmission. I've gotten to the point where I'm finishing up the repainting of the case, extension housing, rear output housing, etc. I'm using a gray high-temp engine primer and enamel - it's looking really nice.

A tiny portion

In what is looking more and more to be the score of the year, I just picked up an entire lot of NOS jeep parts (in original dusty boxes) from the inventory of an ex-Jeep-parts company that went under in the 1970s. Clutches, water pumps, bearings, voltage regulators, brakes and parts, bushings, ignition parts, relays, starter rebuild kits, filters (oil, air, fuel), senders, gaskets, seals, hoses, brushes, etc. I filled the entire back of my wife's van (with one seat pulled out)! All for $50!

Also, I've just *finally* figured out what the darned bung is on the top of the head on the Super Hurricane engine. I've been wondering what the little nipple is for and have discovered (thanks google images!) that it's an outlet (or perhaps inlet) for a heater hose.

Recently Completed

I've acquired an L6-226 "Super Hurricane" engine, with bell-housing and clutch. The transmission and transfer case are currently being rebuilt (see above). It's in the engine bay and I've got new engine mounts for it (there were none attached to the frame or to the engine when I bought them separately).

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