Sep 21, 2018

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1959 Wagon

1959 Wagon

This Wagon is destined for better things. Hopefully a restoration and a new life tooling around down with my family. It was destined for a total pillage for parts, but it just didn't seem right.

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The Plan

I bought it for parts. I figured I would merge it with the 1955 Wagon and end up with a single good vehicle.

When I picked it up, the owner had stripped it down - it was just a chassis on frame with the axles and springs. All the other parts (every last bit of trim, panels, parts, etc.) had been detached and carefully boxed.

The drivetrain was gone - he'd sold that separately.

The Hook

When I got home, the boxes were opened and I realized I had something a little nicer than I'd thought. I have everything. The radio, the seats, the trim, the door panels, the ashtrays, etc. -- absolutely everything. Well, except the engine, transmission and transfer case.

Spicer 18 & T-90

Then a T90 and Spicer 18 follwed me home from work one day.

Pretty soon, a Super Hurricane engine turned up.

The New Plan

I guess this one's going to get a restoration -- it won't be numbers matching, but it will be fun.

What am I working on now? Have a look!

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