Oct 17, 2018

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2003 Wrangler - What am I working on now?


I've been pondering a flat transfer case skid plate recently. I'm not to hot to increase my lift - as a daily driver, I'd be excluded from a lot of parking garages around town that I frequent for work.

A flat skid would clear the stock shovel from underneath the jeep, and give me a lot more room. To keep the weight down, I'm looking at 2024 aluminum (painted or powder coated to help prevent corrosion).

My initial measurements would suggest that the problem will be the low-point of the chain housing on the transfer case. The total upward lift of the case would be almost 3.5". Time to do some drawings and figure out what that would do to the drive shaft angles.

Current Projects

Warn 8274 winch rebuild - picked one up for cheap and am planning to completely go over it. Think it'll be better than new for around $250 all done.

Dual 55W halogen rear backup lights.

Having recently completed the install of my rear 2.5" lift springs, it's now time to clean up the front ones and get them installed as well (see below).

I just finished

Prototype of a new stealth radio mounting system to tuck my two new Icom Commercial radios into my cab. Writeup coming soon - it's too slick! Works great, but needs some cleanup.

Black & Decker handheld spotlight (not battery operated) with a powerpole connection. Very very handy!

Anderson Powerpole power distribution system. Awesome!

Yaesu FT-7800 2m/70cm install.

Icom IC-2100 2m install.

Icom F121 and F221 VHF and UHF radio installs (commercial versions for search and rescue use).

Antennas for the above two radios. One Larsen and one Comet.

Clutch-starter interlock bypass switch. I didn't so much finish this as I decided to rip it out after installing it. I just pulled the fuse permanently and have no clutch-starter interlock at all anymore.

Fixing my small evap link - I apparently introduced this while I was installing the new Warn gas tank skid plate. Those little plastic u-cips are *so* fragile...

Just finished a hand throttle made with a non-indexed bicycle shifter and an electrical ring terminal. 20 minutes later, I have a nifty new toy!

Replaced my rear shocks - they weren't the right size and were bottoming out.

Thanks to Craigslist, I picked up a pair of very nice Smittybilt SRC rocker guards (sliders). They're well built and are in great condition. It was an easy install and my wife and kids like the easier climb into the cab now. I think I'm going to tack weld down the corners of the mounts - I don't really trust the bolts in the threaded frame holes...

I also picked up a pair of explorer pro-comp 8" 130-Watt driving lights. I wasn't fond of the covers when I got them, but I decided I like them (guess they grew on me). I fabricated tabs from some leftover 1/4" zinc plated uni-strut connectors. Turned out nice.

I also just installed some Currie shock mount relocation brackets so I don't keep banging my shock cans on my lower spring cups.

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