Oct 17, 2018

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Reading OBDII Codes - on the cheap

On my way home from work today, I noticed my "check engine" light on.

Fearing the worst, I called a buddy to see if he had access to a reader - he told me most cars have a "secret" way to read codes and asked if Jeeps did too? Thanks Joshua!

Turns out that they do, and it couldn't be easier!

If you cycle your ignition key from "Stop" to "Run", then to "Stop", then to "Run" then to "Stop" then to "Run" (yes, that's three times) the codes your computer is currently holding will be displayed on your odometer.

If there are multiple codes, they will be sown in sequence. When all codes have been displayed, the odometer will say "done".

My code was P0455. A quick trip to an OBDII code reference site told me what it was - sort of:

At first, "Evaporative Emission Control System Leak (Large)" sounds frightening. If you do a little more research, the primary cause is a loose or missing gas cap!

I checked and sure enough, my gas cap was loose! Problem solved, without paying anyone to read the codes!

Though I may feel like an idiot, I feel like an idiot with $100 more than I could have had!

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